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Orders Passwords

You can create additional username and password that have limited access to the cart.

Admin Tool
This gives the user full access to make changes to the shopping cart settings. Currently this is only available to the "master login."

Customer Login
The shopping cart has a Customer Login Option. Normally this requires the customers to enter his username and password. With this option enabled, you can use the shoppers username, and then enter YOUR password. This allows your call centers to login as a shopper without needing their sensitive password information.

View Order Info
They can access order info by going to:
Where "USERNAME" is your shopping cart username or CartID.

Update Order Info
Requires "View Order Info" to be turned on. Grants the ability to "capture" funds, add tracking numbers, or edit the order status.

Void Order Info
Requires "Update Order Info" to be turned on. Grants the ability to void an order. This will attempt to refund the customer if your payment processor supports it.

CC Info
This will allow the user to view payment information for recent orders.

Please be sure to follow Proper Password Etiquette when creating extra passwords.

Note: Orders Password logins expire after 90 days. To renew, simply enter a new password and click "Change".