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Can I change the description, part number, and weight of a product in a single pop up menu?

Yes, if you use the AppendItem (click for details) feature you can change multiple options from within a single drop down menu.

Here is a basic example:
<form method="post" style="margin-bottom: 0" action="">
<input type="hidden" name="AddItemABC" value="demo|Test Description|4.95|1|abc||prompt|3||||||" >
<select name=AppendItemABC1>
<option value="cable281|- Red|+0.00||_r|||+3||||||" >Red
<option value="cable281|- Green|+0.00||_g|||+4||||||" >Green
<option value="cable281|- Blue|+0.00||_b|||+5||||||" >Blue
<input type="submit" value="Add To Cart" alt="Add to cart"/>
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